The water that comes out of our fresh water tanks, and out of many ports faucets,  is usually not ideal for human consumption, neither for the maintenance of our boats.

SOLNAUTIC can provide solutions, with the different products of the HIGH PRESSURE WATERMAKERS brand, to all your descaling and purification needs.


HP MWT Water treatment system for large boats. By using reverse osmosis membranes, the TDS and total hardness reaches very low levels, protecting all the systems that use fresh water from limescale, saving on the maintenance of boilers, pipes, pumps, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. It also allows a “stain-free” effect on all surfaces.

MWT BASIC are designed to supply fresh water avoiding the use of pumps and electricity. The system is portable or can be installed on board. With a floating switch (AUTO VERSION) installed in the fresh water tanks, it allows the automatic filling of the tank, without manually operating any valves.

HP DEMI5®, portable water softener that works without electricity. Ideal for cleaning boats, tanks and to protect all appliances that use fresh water from limescale and corrosion.

HP DEMI DOUBLE combines the power of two water softeners in a single system. It works without electricity. Ideal for medium and large boats. Like the DEMI5®, it is equipped with an automatic volumetric regeneration system.


The HP UV SH line of sterilizers are optimal systems for producing bacteriologically pure and safe water. Their innovative sterilization systems purify the water by deactivating viruses and bacteria. This provides an alternative and hygienically safe water source.

UV irradiation is currently the safest system that is compatible with human and environmental needs. UV lamps act on the genetic structure of viruses and bacteria, rendering them unproductive and preventing their proliferation


The HP SILVER ION is a freshwater sterilizer based on the use of silver ions for disinfection. It is harmless to humans and meeting the requirements of European Community Directive 80/778/EEC. As an added benefit, it avoids the corrosion of pipes normally caused by chlorination, a method often used for tank sterilization. HP SILVER ION sterilizes the water in the freshwater tank without any crew intervention or maintenance. Even the stored water is sterilized without any manual adjustment. The long-lasting sterilizing action of the silver ions does not alter the taste, smell or colour of the water, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Capacity up to 240 m3/day with a silver ion concentration of 0.1 ppm. Silver ion concentration within the requirements of EC Directive 80/778/EEC.


HP GENIUS provides pure water, free of bacteria and unpleasant odours, directly from a dedicated tap. The ultrafiltration system eliminates any bacteria and the charcoal filter removes any traces of chlorine and odours and intercepts a large number of contaminants that can pollute the water along its path (metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons).

The silver ion bactericidal treatment system sterilizes the water at the point of dispensing, preventing the presence of bacteria that could accumulate in the tank and in the boat’s pipes.

A remineralizing filter enriches the water with appropriate minerals, giving it a pleasant taste. The result is water rich in all its beneficial components, minerals essential for our bodies, pure and fresh like spring water.

HP GENIUS produces drinking water: at room temperature, cold and sparkling.


HP AG Ultrafiltration for drinking water.

HP Genius Ag eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odours, eliminates chlorine, and has a nominal filtration rating of 0.1 microns. A cartridge with a very high degree of filtration that encloses and maximizes the advantages of silver ions combined with an ultrafiltration stage able to prevent the passage of more than 99.99999% of bacteria. The filters is supplied with its own bracket and head.     

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